Why does my appliance need regular maintenance?

This is what could happen if you neglect your appliance!

This is a forced air furnace that hasn't been serviced for many years.

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Replacement of heat exchanger in forced air furnace.

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This boiler had several issues. Corroded heat exchanger, water regulator plugged solid, poorly installed air vent.


Burners are rusted out due to improper gas pressure.


This boiler severely overheated and melted all plastic on the unit.


Gas fireplaces overdue for service, notice the carbon build up in the right picture under the burner.


Removal and cleaning of forced air furnace blower.


This forced air furnace heat exchanger has developed a hole in the bottom of the left tube.


The water dripping down on top of the furnace was due to an unglued exhaust pipe. (left)

After many years this gas line slowly plugged up with debris reducing gas pressure. (right)

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This air conditioning condenser has not had any maintenance in years. (left)

Refrigerant leak near indoor coil. (right)

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Antique furnaces still going strong due to regular maintenance.